Google just unveiled today a cute little app for Android and iOS that lots of people have been waiting for – Google PhotoScan – which helps scan and digitise your old analog photos without requiring a flatbed scanner or sending them to a professional service. Most new smartphones have high resolution cameras that can compete with any scanner and this app uses more than one shot to achieve the high resolution final photo: it uses automatic edge and corner detection, after taking one photo of the photo you want to scan, it asks for 4 more shots from the corners and then quickly stitches them together into a single photo.

This process used to take ages, you had to scan using a flatbed scanner, store the image on your computer, adjust it in a photo editing software such as Photoshop or something else, crop it, save it, convert it, upload it. No wonder nobody did it!

With PhotoScan the results are very good, the resulting photo looks sharp, with an iPhone 6, straight edges and, if you do this in good light, avoiding glare from overhead lights, very good colour. If the final result is a bit crooked or the automated edge detection didn’t quite work, you can adjust the corners because the original stitched-up version is kept.

Combine this with the improved Google Photos app, and you can adjust, add effects to your photos and back them up automatically in your Google Photos free unlimited storage.

See the app in action in the following video. Read more and download it from here.

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