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Welcome to Automation Freak, where you can find, compare, read about and discover automated systems, appliances, devices, home automation gadgets and more. We have a passion for automation systems and always jump at the chance to save some time, leave stuff running unattended, have our devices, appliances and computers do (some of) our work for us.

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Best automatic fish feeders

We all love our pets - big or small, furry or with scales - and want the best for them at all times. Depending on your pet, they can be a small commitment or a large one and, although we love automation, there's much you can't automate when it comes to caring for your...

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Are humans lazy by nature?

We’re always trying to find ways to not do work. Call it “the path of least resistance” or whatever, but the truth is, we’re lazy. We won’t do a chore if we can avoid it and if there’s a way to let someone else do it for us, we will. Automation is also useful for instances when you might be away and can’t do something that needs to be done regularly (like feeding your fish)!

There is a distinct category of products tailored just for us: working on their own, triggering themselves or when they are programmed to. Most of the time you don’t even suspect that someone else already thought about automating a task or that some device, system or appliance already exists that does the trick.

What are we about?

Automated stuff is precisely what we intend to collect and present on From appliances such as thermostats, coffee makers, washing machines, or home improvement automation, such as lights, automated garage doors or alarms, to trivial things such as automated Christmas lights or even automating tasks on your computer.

We will present anything to prevent you from working, remembering, repeatedly performing the same thing!

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